Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh Baby! Eight Months!

Just like everyone says, it goes by so fast. I love uncovering more of my little girl each day!

 Rosie is crawling all over the place! She even pulls herself up and stands against things. Something I am scared and excited about! She also has great motor skills with her tongue. In fact, I think sticking out her tongue may be her favorite past time.

She can wave hello and good bye, which is especially sweet to see every morning as Christian leaves for work. (After tax, season in a week, she will get to wave hello to him every day to!!) She can say "ba ba ba" and "ahhhhhh" almost on command....although I'm not sure they have a specific meaning yet. She started to say "ma ma," but not to me--just randomly. 

Her favorite toy is a big empty Pampers box with a picture of a baby on it. Good thing I didn't break the bank on lots of other baby toys :) She also loves her rubber duckies and stuffed animals. She loves people and gatherings of any kind and is most-entertained by others. She started getting a little bit shy and clingy when we go somewhere new, but it usually wears off in a few minutes. She also loves animals, and looks for our teeny tiny neighbor dog Frankie every time we go outside.

still my favorite doll

She is still enjoying most every food, especially since she can feed herself now. She loves those puff things and is really liking little bits of frozen banana lately.  She had her first spinach smoothie, and I think it was a success. Still no teeth!

What a perfect age for her first Easter! It was really fun watching her shake the eggs, chase them around the floor, and suck on them like crazy. She even found one at church to play around with--much to the delight of one of the bishopric members, who told me she was great entertainment (ha ha, oops).  

She got her hands on a chocolate treat!! 

She also is very observant of the flowers that have started springing up! She loves the blossoms on the trees when we take walks and always makes sure our own tulips are still growing nice and bright. It will be sad when they are all gone! Luckily we've got some crocuses--crocus?--croci?? coming up, soon. Either way, she's my favorite blossom around here. 

popcorn popping!
her first picnic!

Love love love love love my baby girl!



  1. I LOVE all of these pictures!! She's my favorite baby girl by far!

  2. Candace, your pictures are so precious! What a sweetheart she is to all of us!!

  3. Cute pictures! She seems so full of life and spunk.