Thursday, January 26, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Oops. Rosie is now, much more than 5 months. But here's a post about it anyway!

The fifth month was huge for Rosie. She's happier than ever and we are having lots of fun. She is still pretty teeny-tiny according to the charts (third percentile), but I'm pretty sure her personality makes up for it. She loves looking at herself in the mirror, or in this case, Photo Booth.

Her most favorite thing in the world is "real" food. Her heart races every time she sees any food--or anything she thinks is food. So far she's tried sweet potatoes (yams), spaghetti squash, carrots, apples, pears, rice cereal and oatmeal. Oh, and I think a little bit of strawberry sorbetto. Her favorite song is "Five Little Ducks." Sometimes it's the only way to keep her happy in the car. 

Here's a picture I took a few days before her 5 month mark.

After being super busy at work, Christian was able to take some time off, and finally use some of his paternity time! We had so much fun with him home, and Rosie even let us sleep in! How considerate! I could snuggle with her all morning long (and sometimes I do just that). I am so lucky I get to spend my days with her. 

Of course Rosie had her first Christmas during her 5th month. 
We hung our stockings!
And Santa came!

The framed print is something I (i mean Santa) made for her. At a Mabey/Smith family baby shower, I had everyone tell me what trait of theirs they would pass on to Rosie. There were some awesome responses like "a love of colors and flowers," "longevity," "resilience," "curly hair," and "a love of watching University of Utah football."  I always want to remember these things...and remember to tell Rosie about I made a little print out of all the responses. 

some day her hair will be able to hold a clip (and maybe curly, if Aunt Kathy passes that on...).

of course her favorite part was the wrapping paper 

No mistletoe needed!


  1. I'm sure cute Rosie won't mind that you are a little late. She may be in the 3rd percentile for size, but she has to be at least 99 in the cuteness factor. Maybe you should suggest to your pediatrician that they add that onto their stats. Height, weight and cuteness.

  2. Rosie has been fun to watch these last several weeks eating her new foods- a women after my own heart. I can't wait to take her to lunch :)

  3. your hubby looks like such a proud daddy! way cute baby candace!!