Saturday, September 3, 2011

It was a big day for me.

My current dilemma of the day: 
Which fight song to teach our little miss. 

Really, the Aggies need all the good vibes they can get at this point so I'm leaning toward just teaching her The Scotsman and Utah Man will have to wait. Although I did give one of her onesies a little Utah flair for game day on Thursday. I guess I'll have to make an Aggie one to balance things out.

Favorite conversation of the day:
(I am holding Rosie)
C1:How's my sweetheart!?
Me: Which one?
C1: I'm not answering that.

Non-Rosie accomplishments of the day:
I showered.
I cleaned the kitchen.*
I went to the grocery store.

Boy, I'm pooped.

*by "clean the kitchen" what I really mean, is I emptied the dishwasher and loaded the dishwasher. AND washed all the pots and knives by hand.


  1. You have a very wise husband--good call to not to answer that question!

  2. Go Aggies! That's my goal today - empty and load the dishwasher. I'm just not looking forward to opening all the old milk sippy's from under Logan's bed I found last night. Yuck! Are you guys going to be around Friday night? We want to come say hi and meet Rosie!

  3. It's still a big accomplishment for me to get all three of those things done in a day!! I vote for the Scotsman...