Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Salt City

Salzburg was by far the smallest place we stayed in, an my favorite (no surprise).  Christian took me on a walking tour of the city and we came across some neat things like a horse bath and a statue that looked like death called hope. It's Motzart's birthplace, it's also the setting for The Sound of Music (we devoted an entire afternoon to Froiline Maria and her hills), and it's also famous for marianettes...so yeah, we had a good time.


  1. I just scrolled through your pictures and these are the 3 words that I said in my head over and over again, "I am jealous." Seriously, over and over again. Great photos!

  2. I love Salzburg too, and I am so jealous that you were just there. Actually, I am pretty jealous of your entire trip, I'm glad it was so much fun. We have a funny family joke about the brown and white cow at Salzburg castle, I will have to tell you sometime. And what's up with all the painted egg shops?

    We went to a German deli yesterday so that Eric could stock up on Almdudler and some of his other favorite German treats, and I had to get some Motzart chocolate balls for old-times sake.

  3. How fun! You two are so cute and I miss you!!