Thursday, July 2, 2009

My mom turned 50 and raised a thousand dollars

My mom never celebrates herself.  So we knew she would need a little help accepting the idea of having a party thrown in her honor.  Another thing about my mom is she always wants to help--with everything--including her own 50th birthday party. But I got tons of help from aunts and friends and other family so she was doing as little as she could stand. 

We had a smashing celebration complete with a live band (my brother is so talented), all you can eat soft-serve icecream sundaes, pom-pom decorations (thank you, Martha), and a million people who also wanted to celebrate my mom. 

What more could you want?  

Well, my mom wanted a cause--a reason (other than herself) to have a party.  She decided to use her birthday as a way to educate her family and friends about cystic fibrosis.  This serious condition has effected some very close family friends, and she wanted to help raise money to fund research.  So in adition to the smashing celebration, we had pamphlets about cystic fibrosis, a giving basket where people could donate money to the cause, and we had a very special guest (a darling baby with cystic fibrosis).

We raised very close to $1000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and ate way too much ice cream.


  1. My favorite ladies!

    Your Mom is so wonderful and that was a fabulous party!

    I like your new header!

  2. Ah, that's awesome. You are just like your mom, Candace. Always wanting to help with everything.

  3. Your mom is an amazing woman and I can see where you aquired some of her character traits...always looking for ways to help people.

  4. It was a fun way to celebrate! It took so many hands to make it happen and lots of hours of thinking things through--I have the best friends and family in the world! And, I do love a cause and especially this one.