Saturday, March 14, 2009

dough girl, johnny's, and other local stuff

My first article for Utah Business Magazine was published this week.  Here's  a sneak peek:

With fewer trips tot he dry cleaner and more lunch meetings without lunch, the problem the current economy brings is apparent: How do you get more for less? It's not an answer easily found with a tightened budget.  But for Utahns who are looking for a way to beat the economy without busting the budget or who simply want to justify lunch at the next company meeting, here's a tip--buy local.

I had a great time writing it and learning about all of the great local places in Utah that we should all be supporting!  You can go to Utah's Own or Local First for some specific information about Utah's local products and businesses.  

Many times buying local means spending more (my article gives some ways you can actually save money, though) but I think it's totally worth it in the end. Lately I have fallen in love with Johnny Kolache's and My Dough Girl.  

Johnny's is so unique.  A kolache, as I understand it, is a bun with filling inside.  Johnny makes the best bread and fills it with stuff like BBQ pork and philly cheese stake and jalepenos. I just tried his egg and bacon kolache (something that just sounds discusting...) but it was SO incredible I bought a second right on the spot.  Delicious  and less than $2 each.  He also makes a mean cinnamon roll and fruit filled kolaches.

Dough Girl needs a complete entry of her that will be coming soon, but I just tired her specialty March cookie today--Blythe and I was SO amazed.  Blythe is a pistachio-pistachio cookie, not too sweet, a bit of almond, and the perfect texture.  She's topped off with pistachios arranged in the shape of a flower.  Delightful.  March is already getting better!

Anyone have any local places I should check out?


  1. How do I go about getting some dough? It sounds yummy!

  2. you should go visit the store--it's on 300 west and 770 South.

  3. great intro on your article! you are such a good writer. wish i was there to experiment with some of your great finds. i hear you are headed to europe! i saw the rileys this weekend in nyc. i am so jealous! i backpacked through europe with my sis when i graduated college. where are you and big c headed?

  4. I am looking forward to reading your article. Thanks for the post. Miss you by the way!

  5. The article is out and I love it! I've become a believer in our local markets. Thanks for the yummy tips1

  6. Look at you...all grown up and getting "published!" :)